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Arts & Entertainment with Chris & Randall

Nov 12, 2020

Chris & Randall discuss Improv on famous television shows The Office, Reno 911, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Topics discussed include:
Viola Spolin
Compass Players
Nichols and May
Alan Arkin
Ed Asner
Second City
Del Close
Long Form Improv
Theater in Chicago
Mort Sahl
Truth in Comedy (book)
Impro (book)
Spolin's Theater Games (book)
Improv rules
Dramatic Improv
writing for actors
Cynthia Seghetti
The Office (US TV series)
Reno 911 (TV series)
The Harold
Cinéma vérité
Brandon Burkhart
Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV series)
Woody Allen
Ken Loach
Mike Leigh

Recorded August 24, 2020

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