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Arts & Entertainment with Chris & Randall

Feb 17, 2022

Chris & Randall discuss the Super Bowl halftime show and pick their top 5 commercials. 

Youtube playlist for this episode:


Randall's commercial picks:

“Goodbye Cable” Super Bowl | 5G Internet | Verizon
Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda - Land of Loud Flavors
Introducing the Captain Morgan Super Bowl Punch Bowl
Quaker | Pregrain Before the Big Game :30
Welcome to Irish Spring


Chris' commercial picks:

Zeus & Hera | BMW USA
Lays "Golden Memories" Long Form w/Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen
LeBron James Super Bowl Commerical With His Younger Self
Don't Miss Out on Crypto: Larry David FTX Commercial
A Clydesdale's Journey | Budweiser Super Bowl 2022


Topics discussed include: 

SoFi Stadium
Hip hop music
Dr. Dre
Snoop Dogg
Mary J. Blige
50 Cent
Kendrick Lamar
The Weeknd
Tupac Shakur 
Pop music
cultural influencers


recorded February 15, 2022


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