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Arts & Entertainment with Chris & Randall

Jun 18, 2022

Chris and Randall talk psychedelic music with musician Robert Ciccone.


Topics discussed include: 

origins and influences
The Grateful Dead
Jefferson Airplane
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Tomorrow Never Knows
Brian Wilson
Pet Sounds
Rubber Soul
Good Vibrations
Monterey Pop
What is the...

Aug 12, 2021

ep68: Our Mtv Youth

Chris and Randall discuss growing up watching MTV.

The first two hours of the debut of MTV in 1981

Topics discussed include:

MTV original concept
early VJs
early MTV format
Alan Hunter
Mark Goodman
Martha Quinn
Nina Blackwood
J.J. Jackson

Sep 10, 2020

Chris talks about listening to music on Youtube. At the end, Chris surprises Randall by bringing up his appearance in a Radiohead video.

The Beatles
transistor radios
The walkman
Marci Wiser on KLOS
Rick Beato 
Professor of Rock 
Nora Jones 
Neil Sedaka
Vera Lynn 
Leland Sklar 
The Hindley Street...