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Arts & Entertainment with Chris & Randall

Jan 7, 2021

Chris and Randall ask, does your social class influence the art you appreciate?

Randall's four characteristics of rich-people art:

1) Not mass produced
2) Not popular
3) Have a pedigree proving its worth such as it was once popular
4) Timelessness

Topics discussed include:

the symphony
art museums
Pulitzer Prize winning books
Infinite Jest
Globe Theatre
schtick, business, clownery
low comedy
Commedia dell'arte
Astor Place Riot
The Industrial Revolution
Buffalo Bill's Wild West
The circus
Sergei Prokofiev
Arnold Schoenberg
art education
Thorstein Veblen
The Theory of the Leisure Class
conspicuous consumption
Signaling Theory
Emmy Awards
streaming media
fine art
Andy Warhol and his Factory
limited editions
Mark Kostabi
Damien Hirst
Sistine Chapel
Presidential portrait of Barack Obama
class capture of art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Thy Guggenheim
Hammer Museum
Getty Center
chamber ensemble
Folk music
cooption of art by the rich
Pete Seeger
Moneterey Jazz Festival
Newport Jazz Festival
Playboy Jazz Festival
Bruce Springsteen
"We have created the illusion of a classless society, but when it comes to our aesthetic taste, we might as well be wearing tuxedoes and sackcloths." --Chris
Hamilton (musical)
Arthur Miller
All My Sons
"We definitely have a class system in our country when it comes to entertainment and especially with the fine arts." --Chris

Recorded September 21, 2020

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